Celldweller releases “Disposable War Pigs” & “The Little Cellout EP”

Electronic / Dubstep artist Celldweller has been extremly busy latley. First he released his mash-up of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” & Metallica’s “Disposable Hero” titled “Disposable War Pigs”. You can grab that at his SoundCloud for free!

Then he released a two track EP for free entitled “The Little Cellout EP”. It features two tracks: Bare’s “Louder Than Words Remix” & Josh Money’s “I Can’t Wait Remix”. You can grab that EXCLUSIVLEY at BeatPort or stream them on SoundCloud.

He’s also preping the releases of “The Complete Cellout” & “Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 2” which are both said to be released ‘in the next few weeks’.

Metallica release “Beyond Magnetic” b-sides EP

Heavy Metal legends Metallica have been releasing b-sides of their album “Death Magnetic” to fan members who were posting the tracks on YouTube. Since I’ve been slammed we missed our chance to post them, but all is well. They’ve released the tracks as a B-Sides EP titled “Beyond Magnetic”.

You can pick up the four tracks on [do action=”itunes-text”]id485472347[/do] for $3.99.

01. Hate Train
02. Just a Bullet Away
03. Hell and Back
04. Rebel of Babylon

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