GrewSum releases all of his albums for free!

GrewSum released everyone of his albums for free (or if you can afford to, name your price), including his newest release “Natural Sicko” featuring artists such as Hopsin, Dopesic, Whitney Peyton and more.

You can hit up his digital download store here.

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Excerpt from GrewSum’s Facebook-

"Alright! Finally got my digital download store back up and running, and every item in there is either 100% free or you can name your price! Want Natural Sicko for free? Take it! Think it’s $20 worth of dopeness! That’s even better! Either way, I just want you to be able to have the music and spread the word!"

Sketchy Waze releases music video for “Underground ft. Whitney Peyton and Hard Target”

The Official music video for “Underground” by Sketchy Waze featuring Whitney Peyton and Hard Target.

A Jr Kc video.
In Association with Buzz Records Media
Produced by Jr Kc & Ryan Cain O’Donnell

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Myzery releases music video for “Dead Inside”

Horrorcore artist Myzery hasn’t released anything in years but he’s back with a new music video and album soon to be released. “Dead Inside” can be seen below, and is set to be featured on his upcoming release “Demon/Angel” (“Aghellic” was already taken - I kid, I kid).

Lo Key posts all of his music for free download!

Yup, Lo Kevelli the American Monster himself posted all of his music for free in appreciation for his fans!
No catches. Around $125 worth of music just for you.
Download here.

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From Lo Key-

"People keep asking why I would give away all of my music for free. Well think about this for a second.

A couple thousand people are hearing my music for the first time today - and another couple thousand already know me, but are hearing some stuff they never heard before - or that they lost over time. Some people just want the music so bad but they can’t afford it - or they just don’t have a credit card or the means to obtain it.

Music is such a powerful thing, it enters your life and changes you and becomes a part of you. Think about all of the lives that this music changed today and into the future - simply by putting it up for free. People that would have otherwise never heard it or be effected by it. It’s kind of profound if you think about it. Out of all of those people, alot of them will let others people hear it, and those people will do the same. And thus, the Legacy sustains, and grows.

And to me, that’s what it’s all about. Getting the music to as many people as possible. It’s that little part of you that wants to be remembered - even though we know that, like life itself, everything eventually fades and succumbs to time and is forgotten.

But I will do my best to be remembered for as long as possible.

With that said, enjoy the music. Whether it’s something stupid like FraggleSwag that makes you laugh when your drunk, or something that helps you through a rough time like Dear Girl, enjoy the music and if you want to keep the Legacy, share the music and create your own memories with Lo Key as the soundtrack.”

Prozak releases video for “Wake Up You’re Dead”

Horrorcore artist Prozak has released a video for his new single “Wak Up You’re Dead”. The track was featured on his previously released album “Paranormal” and can be seen at Bloody Disgusting.

Lo Key releases “American Monster” for free download

If you haven’t copped horrorcore artist Lo Key’s newest release “American Monster” now is your chance. He’s decided to give the entire album away for free, for a limited time so don’t sleep on it. If you missed our review be sure to check it out, and head over to his VibeDeck to download it now. (He posted that some people are struggling to download through VibeDeck, if you can’t get it there, then you can get here - but be nice and “like” his Facebook if you do that).

Twisted Insane drops music video for “I Could’ve Been…”

The underground psycho, Twisted Insane, dropped his music video for “I Could’ve Been…” from his up and coming album The Insane Asylum.

From The Insane Asylum album 6-19-12
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Prozak & Sid Wilson (of Slipknot) release video for “End Of Us”

Horrorcore artist Prozak has teamed up with hard rock group Slipknot’s own Sid Wilson to bring you a brand new video for their track “End Of Us”. The track is featured on Prozak’s new album “Paranormal” (out today!) and you can check it out below:

Insane Clown Posse announces “Mighty Death Pop” details

Horrorcore legends Insane Clown Posse have announced the details of their upcoming release “The Mighty Death Pop” (due August 14th). The album is set to come with 3 different releases, each containing a different disc full of track(s). Under the infomercial we’ll list the differences (something everyone might want to peep, since the featuring artists and covers are jaw-dropping). Thanks to FaygoLuvers for the info.

Disc 1: “The Might Death Pop”

Features collabs with Tech N9ne & Hospin. 17 new tracks, all produced by Mike E. Clark.

Disc 2: “Red Pop” (Covered, Smothered, & Chunked!!) Tracklist:

  1. "Jump Around" (House of Pain cover)
  2. "Beautiful" (Christina Aguilera cover)
  3. "Love for them Gangstas" (EAZY E cover with Cold 187)
  4. "Shout" (Tears for Fears cover with Blaze ya Dead Homie)
  5. "Bitch Better Have My Money" (AMG cover with Fred Durst)
  6. "Playin’ With God" (Willie D cover)
  7. "Hold Still" (Yo Gabba Gabba cover)
  8. "Night of the Living Bassheads" (Public Enemy cover)
  9. "Ain’t No Future in yo Frontin’" (MC Breed cover)
  10. "State of Shock" (Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger cover)
  11. "EFIL4ZAGGIN" (NWA cover with the entire Psychopathic family)
  12. "Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me" (Geto Boys cover with Boondox and Lil Wyte)

Disc 3: “Black Pop

Features a one hour cover of Too $hort’s “Freaky Tales”.

Disc 4: “White Pop” (Mike E. Clark’s “Extra Pop Emporium”)

13 tracks including: 5 B-Sides, Un-Announced Collabs, Remixes (of various ”Might Death Pop” songs featuring KMK, DJ Paul, Juicy J, Color Me Badd, Geto Boyz, Twiztid, Kreayshawn, Swollen Members)

SevidemiC announces release date for “AOIYMA”

SevidemiC has officially announced the release date for his full length album “AOIYMA”

The LP is set to drop on 5/4/2012

Check him out at or

SevidemiC - Hollywood (AOIYMA Hidden Track)

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