J Devil (Jonathan Davis of Korn) releases “Lick Me”

Jonathan Davis (lead vocals of Korn) has released the first single off his solo dubstep side-project J Devil. The track is called “Lick Me” and canbe heard below:

Mechanize offers free downloads of “Big” & “Fantasy”

Dubstep artist Mechanize (Lee McKinney - guitars for Born Of Osiris) is offering free downloads for his tracks “Big” & “Fantasy”. They’re said to be featured as part of his upcoming EP which is said to be released for free in it’s entirety this summer and you grab the two singles on his Facebook page.

DJ Starscream (Sid Wilson) & Prozak release “The End Of Us”

Slipknot’s Sid Wilson A.K.A. DJ Starscream has teamed up with Horrorocre artist Prozak to release “The End Of Us”. The track is set to be released on Prozak’s upcoming album Paranormal (due April 24th) and can be streamed over at Noize Creep.

Zantix have released “Empathy” for free

Zantix (The Browning’s Johnny McBee’s Dubstep project) has released his first single for free download. You can grab it here! If you like it, go “like” his page! The single is taken from his upcoming album “Audiology” (coming soon).

The Browning’s vocalist announces Dubstep project Zantix

Johnny McBee of The Browning (Vocals) has announced his solo / Dubstep project as Zantix and released his first single “Empathy”. You can check it out below, but wether you like it or not go support this guy’s project by following his Facebook. Who am I kidding? You’ll love it.


"Audiology EP" Coming soon!

Celldweller releases “Disposable War Pigs” & “The Little Cellout EP”

Electronic / Dubstep artist Celldweller has been extremly busy latley. First he released his mash-up of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” & Metallica’s “Disposable Hero” titled “Disposable War Pigs”. You can grab that at his SoundCloud for free!

Then he released a two track EP for free entitled “The Little Cellout EP”. It features two tracks: Bare’s “Louder Than Words Remix” & Josh Money’s “I Can’t Wait Remix”. You can grab that EXCLUSIVLEY at BeatPort or stream them on SoundCloud.

He’s also preping the releases of “The Complete Cellout” & “Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 2” which are both said to be released ‘in the next few weeks’.

Celldweller announces “The Complete Cellout”

Electronic artist Celldweller has announced his upcoming remix album. No say on when “Wish Upon A Blackstar” will release the final chapters, but “The Complete Cellout” pre-orders go on sale Friday and Klayton had this to say about the album:

"The Complete Cellout" will have 11 tracks (almost 50 minutes long) including the album opener that I finished last night (Features my 8 year old niece. It’s mean.)

Oh yeah, we got the cover art for ya too : x


Korn release “Sanctuary” for streaming

Korn has released another song from their upcoming Dub-Step album “The Path Of Totality” (Due December 6th). This one features Rotten. Check it:


Acid Earth releases “Alien Seed” for free download

Techno artist Acid Earth (side project from Kaleb Gauge formerly Sucidial Project Kaleb) has released his brand new album for free download. This is actually a friend of mine, and so far (three tracks in) it sounds pretty brutal. You can expect a full review and more tomorrow, but if you’re too ansy you can go download it (along with all his other albums) on his official Bandcamp.

Thursday post remix of “No Answers”

Post-hardcore group Thursday have released their single “No Answers” remixed by Big Black Delta (Mellowdrone’s Jonathan Bates). The track is on SoundCloud, but we’ll send you to ThePRP since they got some tour dates up for ya Thursday fans.

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